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Frequently Asked Questions.





Can you make a piggy bank without a stopper so that the money can't be taken out? 
  • Yes, we can customize your piggy bank without rubber stopper so that the money can't be taken out.  The item will be freshly made from the start since it is customized.
  Can you do custom paint?  I have a piggy bank design that you have.  It got broken and I wanted to see if you can make one exactly the same.
  • Yes, we can customize the color, it will help also if you send us a picture of your piggy bank for quick reference, otherwise, simply describe in email how you would like us to paint it.
  I was curious if you would be able to make a piggy bank that has maybe 2-3 different sections in it, so you could save money for say rainy day or new shoes.
  • We do not have a bank with 3 sections but we can customize 3 banks attached together to make it into one bank with 3 sections.



I am trying to use Paypal to pay for my purchase but I do not see the login box on the payment page.

  • You will see the paypal login page if you scroll to the far right.



What type of guarantee/insurance do you offer in case my order arrives broken?

  • We use careful packaging and ship all orders via UPS with insurance. (Please see Service page for more info)


  I have been trying to order a piggy bank from your website but the secure checkout is not working correctly.  After I put in my information, there was no way to actually place my order.  The scroll bar did not go any farther than options.
  • You may try viewing your browser on a "Full Screen" or "Maximize" view.  Go to top menu "View" then "Full Screen".